Mirror Checkpoint: Address

During the winter in Chicago golfers should practice basic fundamentals at home in order to keep their games sharp. Just standing in front of a mirror with a club and looking for certain checkpoints goes a long way towards developing awareness of the swing. Golfers with poor pre-swing fundamentals are MORE likely to struggle with consistency of contact and direction. Make sure to keep your address position clean throughout the winter.  Here are a couple checkpoints for golfers to look for when addressing an IRON.

Side View


1) Orange: Bend from hip with slight knee flex, small space between body and club
2) Yellow: Arms hang straight down, weight is balanced
3) Red: Club points toward belt line
4) Green: Balls of feet, knee, back of shoulder align

Front View

1) Red: Ball position just inside of left heel
2) Yellow: line should go from ball, through hands, then ear
3) Green: spine is tilted away from target, left shoulder is higher than right, left foot is flared toward target
4) Blue: balanced between left and right side

Practice for short periods of time (10 minutes) a couple times a week throughout the winter. This will give you a solid chance of making clean contact in the spring.