Setting Winter Golf Goals

As the golf season approaches the winter months, now is the perfect time to reflect on your past season. Did you make progress with your game? What areas of your game still need improvement? Give yourself an honest assessment and write down a specific, realistic and measurable goal for the off season.

To reach your goal we need to start with a plan. Answer the following four questions in order to kick start your focus and motivation.

 1) What do I want to accomplish with my golf game? Make sure it is specific, realistic, measurable and has a deadline. Example: I want to break 90 by the end of next season.

2) What's currently happening with my game? Be honest and objective. What have you tried to improve and what were the results? Think about current obstacles holding you back. Is your goal still realistic? Example: I'm currently shooting in the high 90's/low 100's. I play once a week, but rarely practice. My driver constantly slices to the right, and my short game could be better. I found some tips online that helped for a little while, but the slice came back. I'm busy and don't have much time to practice.

3) What are some options to accomplish my golfing goal? Really brainstorm and be creative. If you could do anything to make progress what might it be? Ask others you trust for their opinion. Example: I could start taking lessons and practicing. There are drills I can work on at home, and I know I can squeeze in at least one hour a week to hit balls. I could also use my cell phone to video my swing and analyze when practicing. My basement has carpet, so I can practice putting.

4) What actions do I need to take? Which of the above options can I do? How and when will I go about it? Which options interest me the most and seem fun? Example: I'm going to schedule a lesson for every Tuesday at 6pm and practice Saturday mornings. I'm going to do drills in front of a mirror for ten minutes before bed twice a week, and practice putting 6 footers in the basement once per weekend. There is also a golf dome in the suburbs I can visit once a month to work on short game. If I get into a good routine I should have improved by spring. 

I'd encourage you to share your goals with me or a friend in order to have some accountability, but more importantly this exercise is to help get you energized about improvement.