5 Goals For Every Golf Season

1) Get Your Clubs Fit

Here's a list of why you should have your clubs fit:
A) Better chance of making solid contact: having the proper lie angle ensures the club moves through the ball with the bottom of the club flat with the ground. Clubs with the wrong lie angle produce shots on the heel or toe even though the swing is solid.
B) Hitting the ball farther: having shafts that launch the ball at the ideal angle with perfect amount of spin creates distance. Most golfers can pick up at least 20 yards with a custom fit driver.
C) Having proper yardage gaps: each club in the bag should go a different distance with an 8-10 yard gap. If the lofts are not evenly gapped then a golfer with have problem yardages where they don't have a club to hit.
D) More forgiving mis-hits: Being able to get distance and accuracy when the ball isn't hit perfectly is a huge advantage compared to an unforgiving club. It's the quickest way to make the game easier and more fun.
E) Using the "hard to hit" clubs: golfers often struggle with the low irons and fairway woods. Finding the correct long club adds a weapon to your arsenal of shots.

2) Learn Your Exact Yardages

It's essential to hit the ball close with your lofted clubs and have a chance for birdie. Once you're confident that you know how far you carry each club, then use a GPS or range finder to figure out your exact distance from the hole. Stop guessing at yardages and become your own caddy. Be like the pros and hit to a yardage number rather than letting the course design create doubt about which club to hit.

3) Plan Your Time

Everybody only has "X" amount of time to devote to golf each week. Making the most of this time is the difference between shooting the same scores and reaching career lows. Be strategic with how you spend your practice time. Make sure to work on your weaknesses. Taking lessons will ensure you're working on the cause rather than effect.

TIP: spend time putting and hitting pitch shots each week with your sand wedge. You will improve your ball striking and scoring much FASTER than working only on full swing.

4) Increase Your Knowledge

It's amazing how reading a quality golf book can change your perspective about the game or how keeping track of your stats helps identify your weaknesses. Great content is easily available now a days between Ebooks and YouTube. Take time to learn about all parts of the game. Here are some great resources to get started:

-Fearless Golf: Dr. Gio Valiante
-Extraordinary Golf: Fred Shoemaker
-Play Your Best Golf Now: Lynn Marriott and Pia Nelson
-Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton

- www.mychicagogolflesson.com
- www.golfwrx.com
- www.golfdigest.com

5) Commit To Improvement

Getting better at golf not only requires effort and focus, but more importantly commitment. This helps a golfer get through the ups and downs of learning. Committed golfers are much more likely to succeed because they never give up and establish a routine of quality practice and play. Don't just say you want to get better at golf...make it happen!