5 Keys To Launch Your Driver

The game of golf is much easier when you can hit long drives in the fairway. You'll have shorter approach shots to the green, give yourself a chance to shoot a career low score, and hit the ball past your golf buddies. Launching the driver is simply one of the best feelings in golf and here's 5 tips to make it happen:

1) Stand with Spine Tilt
The stance with the driver is different than with the irons. Place the ball inside of your lead heel, widen your stance and tilt your spine away from the target. Your weight should still be even between your left and right foot. For your drive to carry the farthest possible amount, it must be launched between 12 and 15 degrees- spine tilt at address makes this possible.


2) Create Width in Backswing
The golf swing is a circle, and the wider the circle, the faster the club head moves. Visualize the club moving back low and slow. This will help you make a full shoulder turn behind the ball and put you in a position to create power. Width also makes the club travel very smoothly at the bottom of the swing, rather than crashing into the ground.


3) Hit Inside Part of Ball
The most important aspect of solid drives in hitting the inner part of the ball, but it can also be the most difficult to achieve. Feel a slight pause at the top of your swing in order to drop your arms in transition. Keeping your back facing the target to start the downswing is also a good thought to ensure the club drops to the inside, which makes the ball draw and increases distance.


4) Check Impact Point
The weakest part of the clubface is the heel (inside part of club close to the shaft). Hitting the ball there creates a slice and drastically increases backspin and is a distance killer. Spray some foot power on the driver face and strive to make impact just above center or slightly toward the toe.


5) Practice Creating Speed
For every mile per hour you increase your club head speed, you'll get 2.6 yards. Increase your swing speed by 10 m.p.h, and you've got an extra 26 yards in carry. Making sure your grip pressure is light and you have zero tension in your arms. This gives you the best chance of moving the club the fastest. Swing an alignment rod and try to make the loudest "swoosh" sound possible.