What I Personally Learned From Dave Stockton

Ever wonder what the world's #1 golfer, Rory McIlroy, thinks about when he's making clutch putts to win majors? MY CHICAGO GOLF was fortunate to learn first hand from his putting coach Dave Stockton at the 2015 PGA Demo Day in Orlando, FL.

Dave Stockton's Putting Tips:

1) Learn How to Fix Your Miss Pattern: If you tend to miss every putt to the left of the hole simply lift your hands at address to start the ball on line. This will help keep your lead hand solid through impact without having it break down which causes the pull. If you miss to the right of the hole, make sure the heel of the putter moves back first which prevents the putter from fanning open. It's that simple!

2) Listen For The Ball: On Short putts inside of 5 Feet, make a committed putting stroke and stay down through the shot until you hear the ball rattle in the hole. Most amateurs miss short putts because they want to look at the hole too soon and move their bodies prematurely which causes the ball to go off line.

3) Process and Spot: When Rory McIlroy is playing in pressure tournaments he is not focused on the outcome of his shots, but rather the process necessary for execution. He's developed a pre-putt routine that gets his mind so immersed on rolling the ball over a small target 1-inch in front of him, that all the pressure disappears. It's a productive way to distract the mind not only for putting but for full swings.

4) Swing The Putter: Many amateurs jab at the ball and have poor rhythm when putting. Instead Dave Stockton wants you to make a smooth stroke through the ball, almost has if the ball isn't even there. When using this strategy you must adjust the length of stroke for the length of putt. Make sure to swing the putter far enough back for longer putts to keep smooth rhythm.