Short Game Basics

Being a solid player when you are close to the green is essential to lower golf scores. If you take your game and improvement seriously, then chances are that you have a specific score that you want to shoot. The fastest way to lower your golf scores is to improve your short game. In this video I describe two basic short shots that will need to be used every time you play golf. I recommend hitting these shots with a sand wedge. I want you to think of this club as a tool that can be manipulated to make the ball go low and high.

Low Shot

This shot will stay low in the air and roll once it hits the green. This shot should be used when there is much green to work with. You will be use this shot for the majority of your short short game. The keys to hitting this shot are:

1) Feet together and weight on lead foot
2) Ball back in stance
3) Shaft Leaning Forward
4) Little wrist hinge with low finish.

High Shot

This shot will go higher in the air and land softly. Use this shot when there is less green between you and the hole. This is a high risk shot and should only be used when needed. Here are the keys to hitting this shot:

1) Shoulder width stance
2) Ball will be closer to lead foot
3) Open clubface with vertical shaft
4) Hinge in backswing, keep clubface pointing toward sky in finish