5 Tips To Stop Losing Golf Balls

1) Assess The Shot: Identify where the trouble is located and select a target and club that will keep you away. Swing confidently to conservative targets!

2) Know yourself: What clubs do you personally hit the best and have confidence with? Use this club, not the club you’re “supposed to hit”. Example: If you're hitting your second shot on a par 5 and your favorite club is your 6 iron, use it, instead of the 3 wood that you can't control. 

3) Practice Your Aim: The best way to practice aiming is to take two alignment sticks to the driving range and place them in the ground 5 steps in front of you and 5 feet wide. This creates a window in your mind to hit through. Always aim your clubface through this window first, then take your stance. 

4) Check Your Clubface: Grip your golf club and raise the head to waist high (like you're hitting off a 3 ft tee). Make sure the leading edge of the clubface is vertical! This ensures you have the proper grip.

5) Make A Smaller Swing: Making what feels like a 3/4 or half swings with smooth rhythm and staying tension free helps you better control the clubface at the bottom of the swing. Work your way up to full swings and full speed. 

BONUS TIP: Play a yellow golf ball. Might sound silly, but it's extremely helpful when looking for your ball in tall grass :)