The Power of Positivity in Golf

If you've played the game of golf, then you understand how mental the game actually is. The perfect swing can only go so far, but when you're faced with a five footer to win a match, it all comes down to the right mentality.

There are numerous quotes relating the mental aspect of golf. Jim Flick once said, "Golf is 90 percent mental and the other 10 percent is mental too." 

Then you have Bobby Jones' famous quote, "Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears."

Having a positive outlook when you hit the links can make all the difference in having a low round and shooting in the triple digits. That's why a simple change of your mindset can pay off dividends. 

So how can golfers keep a positive mentality when they're on the course?

It all starts before the round even begins. Start getting yourself in the mindset that you're going to have a good day. If you aren't feeling it before the rounds starts, then chances are you won't feel it on the golf course. 

Don't be nervous about that first tee shot. Envision yourself hitting a shot in the middle of the fairway and turn those thoughts into a reality. If you're nervous stepping up to the first shot, then chances are that will reflect in the outcome of your shot. 

One of the most important times to stay positive is after a bad shot. It's said that after every bad shot in golf, two more bad shots will follow. That's because golfers have the tendency to still think about the previous shot before they take the next swing.

This negative way of thinking just results in another poor shot. Let go of the bad shots and focus on the shot at hand. Don't let one bad shot or one bad hole ruin your whole day on the course. 

Positive thinking is essential when on the putting green as well. Draining putts is all about having the confidence that you can do so. Doubt is like a cancer that can take over your whole thought process. Any sense of doubt in your mind when standing over a putt won't help. 

Most importantly, have fun. Remember that you are out playing one of the greatest games of all time. There is no reason for you to be frustrated. If you enjoy yourself, good things will follow.