The Importance of Golf In Business

MY CHICAGO GOLF is fortunate to work with golfers of all skill levels and backgrounds. From junior golfers picking up the club for the first time, to experienced players with specific scoring goals. However, our typical clients are business professionals with no previous golf experience. They have goals of being able to play a round with co-workers, clients and friends without embarrassing themselves.

So how important is golf in business? This survey provides some revealing stats: From The Boardroom to the Back Nine: The Importance of Golf in Business (Conducted by Guideline Research & Consulting for Starwood Hotels).

Golf Business Stats

  • 97% of executives view golf with a business associate as a way to establish a close relationship
  • 92% use golf as a way to make business contacts.
  • More than 50 % say there is no better way, to get to know associates and clients. The second best way is a business meal.
  • 45 % say clients are more likely to give you their business if you golf together.
  • 43% of executives say some of their biggest deals have been made or started on the golf course.
  • 59 % believe that the way a person plays golf is the way he or she behaves in business.
  • 67 % of respondents say that a person who cheats at golf would probably cheat in business.
  • 57 % say a hothead on the golf course is probably bad tempered at work.
  • 92 % say people stressed at work would get more relief if they golfed.

There are many skills required to perform well in business and golf. Successful golfers stay focused, use strategy, display discipline, control their emotions, overcome adversity, and commit to improvement. Use golf as an outlet to test your character, strengthen relationships and grow your business.

Tips For Beginner Business Golfers

1) Establish Basic Fundamentals: Being able to make clean contact with the ball is essential to keeping pace on the course and not slowing up your playing partners. Taking lessons is the quickest way to learn and ingrain proper technique for various parts of the game.

2) Learn Etiquette and Rules: Knowing where to stand, not using your cell phone and speaking at appropriate times are examples of basic etiquette needed on the course. Find a friend with playing experience to show you on-course basics or sign up for a playing lesson.

3) Keep It Fun: You'd rather play poorly and be good company on the course, then play decent and lose your cool. Nobody likes playing golf with negative people. Stay positive, have fun with the game and enjoy the challenge. If you're really struggling, it's okay to pick up the ball and move it closer to the green in order to keep pace.

4) Let People Know You're A Beginner: Golf is a difficult game for everyone. Nobody picks up a club as a beginner and knows how to play. If you explain that you're new to the game then your playing partners will encourage and help you through the learning process- we all have to start somewhere. Nothing worth having comes easy.

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