PGA Tour Lesson: Jordan Speith's Tempo

There's no doubt the best golfer in the world the last two weeks (Dec. 2014) has been 21-year-old Jordan Speith with two blow out victories in a row. He won the Australian Open over Adam Scott with a final round 63 that Rory McIlroy claims he couldn't do in 100 tries, then wins Tiger Woods' tournament by 10! Click here for an article by Golf Digest describing Jordan's domination. 

So how does this seemingly average length player with a homemade swing get such amazing results? It's a combination of:

  1. Being mentally focused for every shot
  2. Having a consistent and repeatable swing
  3. Having a quality short game that includes clutch putting

The one attribute that helps Jordan with each of these skills is his repeatable tempo. Here's video of him as a junior golfer:

Here's another video from Jordan's golf coach, Cameron McCormick, explaining other benefits of focusing on tempo.

Benefits of Focusing on Tempo

  1. Helps you deal with pressure situations by distracting your mind with productive focus
  2. Provides consistency with swing-speed for better distance control (this includes short game and putting)
  3. Can also distract your mind from too many mechanical thoughts

If you're interested in improving your tempo check out Tempo In Motion. Practicing your tempo should be done routinely and is one of the best ways to have a quiet mind on the course.