The Improvement Process

Learning the game of golf is a journey. Luckily this process is enjoyable and rewarding when done with guidance.  When you come into MY CHICAGO GOLF for the first time, this is the process we'll use to help you improve your game.

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Step 1: Goal Setting

  • What would make you a happy golfer?
  • Ball Striking Goal?
  • Scoring Goal?
  • Social Goal?
  • Short/Long Term Goals
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Step 2: Evaluate

  • Current skill level?
  • How often are you playing/practicing?
  • Pattern with shots? Contact/Direction?
  • Strengths and weaknesses within your game.
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Step 3: Create Custom Program

  • Prioritize areas of improvement
  • Break information into small steps
  • Schedule lesson and practice routine
  • Establish weekly/monthly goals   
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Step 4: Establish Routine

  • Commit to quality practice and play
  • Get necessary repetitions to ingrain fundamentals
  • Start to layer information and skills
  • Become well rounded in all parts of your game

Step 5: Test Progress

  • Measure improvement from the start of lessons and practice
  • Transfer progress from practice to play
  • Identify current strengths and weaknesses
  • Create and update new goals

Essential Skills

The primary focus of MY CHICAGO GOLF is to help our clients develop Essentials Skills necessary for great golf.  We strive to make this process as simple as possible by breaking down each skill into small achievable steps. 

Where Do We Start?

It is vital that every golfer has a solid foundation of fundamentals. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced golfer, it's important to know where you stand on the golfing pyramid.