Don't Let The Wheels Fall Off: Tips To Save A Round

Every golfer has days when their ball striking is giving them trouble. Here are some tips to save the day.

1) Keep it Simple: getting too mechanical on the course distracts you from focusing on the target. If you need a thought "Back, Through, Hold Your Finish" is better than working on a specific position.

2) Focus on Rhythm, Balance and being Tension Free: This can be done by monitoring your grip pressure during the round (keep it light), and holding your finish until the ball stops. 

3) Play Your Game: If you're slicing the driver aim for that shape. If you're still having trouble pull out the 3 wood or long iron. It's difficult to fix the swing on the course. Instead hit a club you are confident in then work on your swing after the round.

4) Never give up: Easier said than done especially on hot and humid days, but you never know when you'll have that great swing that changes the momentum of your round and gets you back on track. Sometimes that great feeling of solid contact comes back on the last few holes and you can remember this for your next round.

5) Don't Compound Your Mistakes: Even if you're not hitting it well, don't let it affect your focus on and around the green. Minimize three putts and multiple chip shots. This definitely helps keep the score down when the swing doesn't feel right. A four foot putt counts the same as a perfect 280 yard drive on the scorecard.

6) Pick Conservative Lines/Miss in Better Spots: When there is Out of Bounds on the right and 100 yards of course on the left there is no excuse for missing right. With approach shots forget about the flag and miss on the side of the green where you'll have an easy chip and putt.

After the difficult round go to the range and focus on basic fundamentals. Often times poor alignment, set-up and ball position is the reason for the inconsistency.